Trusted Systems

More Than
Just a Name

Since 1986, we have been called many things…  Innovative, Constructive, Obsessive, and Hardheaded come to mind.  But the name we most appreciate – and faithfully continue to earn – is “Trusted“.

Trusted Systems
More than a Name…
It’s a Mission.

Trusted Systems is an all-American company dedicated to supporting those who defend our national security and freedoms.

Bob Bauman, President

What's in a name?

Since 1986

Trusted Systems pioneered the IPS Classified Security Container and remains the industry leader in the development of Classified Network Security Solutions.

Trusted Systems is an all-American company dedicated to supporting interests of national security.  Being Mission Driven means we develop only the highest performing solutions for secured access to classified networks.

Decades of innovation and technical superiority ensure a reliable solution you can count on. 

At Trusted Systems, our Passion is a Commitment, and the Mission is in our name.

A History of Firsts

Lewis and Clark
Would be Proud

Every discipline has its pioneers; those tough enough to take the arrows in their back and forge a new way.  Driven by vision, fortitude, commitment and honor, many have set forth in spite of the gloomy predictions of naysayers, but only a few have emerged having beat the odds and discovered the better path. And those brave trailblazers will always be remembered with a label that can never be dismissed…  “First”

This is the story of Trusted Systems.

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Threats on Classified Endpoints

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”
Wayne Gretzsky

Good Security
Great Security...
Be Like Wayne

Good Security is easy… Just observe where the threats and breaches are, then develop and implement countermeasures to neutralize the threats.  This is a reactive response.

Great Security is hard, requiring foresight, study, and a bit of magic.  This is the proactive response. 

Gretzsky didn’t become Great by chasing the puck.  His experience and keen sense of observation helped him be where the puck would be.

In that way, Trusted Systems remains #1 in Physical Endpoint Security by: 

  • An intimate understanding of the classified data environment, 
  • Decades of experience witnessing the challenges and failures in government data security,
  • An engineer’s natural preoccupation to face challenges with a solution-based mentality,
  • And a near clairvoyant observation of the horizon to anticipate the approaching threats.

Benchmarks in Time

SIPRGuard Introduced

SIPRGuard uses two-factor (PIN & Fingerprint) authentication to connect the desktop KVM and Ethernet devices to the network equipment mounted inside a Trusted Systems IPS Container (CAA equivalent).

Secure Computer Cabinets
Tamper-Proof Cabinets

Prevents Theft, Vandalism, and Unauthorized Data Access

(Note: Currently, unavailable.)

Introduced UserGuard

Our first Operator Authentication system, which SIPRGuard subsequently replaced.

KVMGuard & EtherGuard Released
KVMGuard & EtherGuard

KVM Guard and EtherGuard allow the user to quickly and securely connect to the classified network without removing devices from the IPS Container.

SafeGuard Introduced

SafeGuard integrates intrusion protection into the IPS Container, providing a continuous, real-time, IP addressable monitor and alarm for the IPS lock, door, and connected cables.

Model TSM131W Released
Model TSM131W

Model TSM131W introduced as the smallest 19” rack-mount IPS Container on the market, including two feed-thru style cable entries for Red/Black separation.

Model TSM131 Released
Model TSM131

Model TSM131 is the smallest IPS Container on the market. Developed for a mobile deployment, its footprint is only 15"W x 30"D, and height of only 13".

Imtroduced Incognito
Incognito Workstations

Incognito is a custom-built, fully functional classified workstation that conceals and protects equipment while matching its elegant surroundings.

Model TSM191 Released
Model TSM191

Model TSM191 IPS container is the largest armored computer cabinet designed for the Incognito Classified Workstation. The TSM191 is a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Standard Set for Junction Box
Conduit Junction Box

As the inventor of the IPS container, it only makes sense that solidifying the standards for a secure PDS Conduit Junction Box would soon follow.

Established as the Standard
DIA/DOA Network Standard

Trusted Systems' IPS security container is accepted as the worldwide standard for DIA/DAO Networks.


Released the first TIPS (TEMPEST IPS)  providing NSA-compliant EMI/RFI Shielding.

First Desk-Height IPS
Model TSM281

Model TSM281 was released as the First Desk-Height IPS container.  Dimensional requirements broadened as device acceptance and adoption expanded into a wider range of office environments. As the demand increased for the data security offered by IPS containers, the product family grew to include devices scaled for specific applications and fitment.

Birth of Trusted Systems, Inc.
Trusted Systems, Inc. is Formed

Mr. Bauman’s early designs for an IPS container offered validity for the benefits of a scaled-down SCIF. His conviction of the industry’s need, and his confidence in the design, compelled him to form Trusted Systems in 1988, and begin a campaign to prove the concept’s worthiness.

First IPS Concept Created
IPS Concept Created

Today’s IPS container designs were developed more from stages of evolution, as needs and capabilities changed, rather than a revolution in design. Discovering a need for such a device while working with Los Alamos Labs, Mr. Robert Bauman created a foundation so enduring, the ancestral design elements are still recognizable in the modern IPS containers.

Leadership Bears Responsibility

Proud to Serve - Proud to Share

Making a Difference

Responsible stewardship of success means becoming involved in charitable ways to support causes that are important to us.

Trusted Systems is a proud sponsor of Freedom Alliance, an organization that supports our military heroes.

One of the most gratifying programs within Freedom Alliance provides the opportunity to contribute directly to the needs of deserving veterans and their families.

If you would like to learn more about the mission of Freedom Alliance, please follow the link below:

About Freedom Alliance

Mr. Bauman’s career spans 50 years in the computer industry. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Wisconsin in 1969 and started with GE as a programmer and sales engineer. 

Eight years after joining Hazeltine in 1973, Bob left Silicon Valley as the top salesman and regional manager to start his own systems integration firm in Phoenix, which soon grew to become a VAR for Sun Microsystems.

While engaged in a project at Los Alamos National Labs in 1986, Mr. Bauman invented the “computer safe” to protect electronic devices actively operating online. This was the genesis for founding Trusted Systems and earning the first GSA approval for an Information Processing System (IPS) Security Container.

Since then, continuous innovation and several patents have propelled “Trusted Systems” to become synonymous with Classified Data Protection and Endpoint Security. It is Bob’s intimate knowledge and witness to the evolution of critical data vulnerabilities and modern day threats that provides his unique perspective on the subject.

That's the Difference

When physical security for your Classified Endpoint allows for no compromise, you first turn to the name you trust:

Trusted Systems… the First name in Endpoint Security.

Experience the difference, because experience IS the difference.