Network Endpoint Security

Neutralize Insider Threats


The First Seamless User-to-the-Cloud Infrastructure Protection System.

Network Endpoint Security is the union of three distinguished product arenas:

  1. IPS Container = The system begins with a GSA Approved, Class 5, non-intelligent physical barrier to protect classified network devices. Trusted Systems’ IPS container is what some in the classified security industry have affectionately referenced as a box-sized SCIF.
  2. SafeGuard = Remote, IP-addressable monitor, alarm and control system. SafeGuard is network-centric, instead of facility-centric, and provides proactive threat detection and deterrents, rather than reactive in the wake of a breach.
  3. SIPRGuard = Desktop User Authentication, securing the weakest link in the network; the last 6 feet to the user.   Utilizing the latest techniques in identity recognition, SIPRGuard ensures the human interface is as secure as the rest of the network.

Why Trusted Systems’ Network Endpoint Security?

No.1 Reason to Implement Endpoint Security?


Keep the Insider Out

GSA Approved Class 5 IPS Container


Endpoint Security Begins with a Strong Foundation

The strength in a system begins in the foundation, and every Endpoint Security solution from Trusted Systems begins with a Class 5, GSA Approved, IPS (Information Process System) security container.

The IPS container is highly configurable, available in numerous sizes, mobile, and proven to be battleship tough.  A broad selection of options are available to fit your exact requirements, to include:

IPS Container Size Options

Multiple Configuration Options

TEMPEST Shielded Security Options

Network Endpoint Security Requires a Proactive Status Monitoring System

Always “On Duty”, never needing a break, and automatically initiating proactive security responses at the slightest detection of intrusion efforts, SafeGuard lets the security officer rest easy knowing the classified network is beyond the reach of malicious intent.

SafeGuard Features:

Optional Configuration:

SafeGuard’s early threat detection capabilities can be enhanced with the addition of CableGuard, incorporating a vibration sensor, CCTV, and the InterceptorTM alarmed fiber PDS.  With CableGuard, SafeGuard becomes a highly sensitive, end-to-end network monitor, able to instantly initiate proactive alarms and – if necessary – shutdown procedures.

With SafeGuard’s hyper-sensitive detection and lethal alarm capabilities, some might think it’s like using a hair-triggered Howitzer to hunt varmints.  However, we believe when it comes to protecting classified information, rats can never be dead enough.

Only Trusted Systems’ Network Endpoint Security Solutions Complete the System with User Authentication

SIPRGuard consists of a desktop module, gateway module, and power control module.

SIPRGuard Secures the Last 6 Feet to the Desktop

With SIPRGuard, an authorized user is restricted to network access only through desktop peripherals, not the network devices.

And inadvertent or malicious unauthorized users are prevented from accessing the network through SIPRGuard’s combination of :

  • Two-factor authentication at desktop (CAC + PIN)
  • User administration from inside IPS container
  • User Proximity detector to automatically disable KVM interface when authorized user walks away from workstation without first logging off
  • Instant-Off Panic button to disable user interface if authorized user detects an unauthorized presence
  • and rapid integration of new technology to neutralize emerging threats

SIPRGuard answers the concern of how to keep the insider out.  Personnel may be authorized for access to a secure facility, but SIPRGuard will prevent access to the network.  And even though an authorized user is allowed access to the network, it is SIPRGuard that prevents their unauthorized access to the network equipment and mass storage devices.

Performance is the Result of Commitment Meeting Preparation

At Trusted Systems, we understand that unique security-risk variables and environments exist for each location and application. This is why we methodically assess your requirements and tailor solutions specific to your needs. To speak to a representative, please submit a Quote Request form, or call toll free 800-414-4203.