SoloSCIF: At The Ready
Secure Classified Communications

The Rapid Deployment, ICD-705 Compliant Solution

What is a SoloSCIF?

A SoloSCIF is a Single User SCIF or SAPF designed for the stringent requirements set forth by the Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 as the uniform standard for ensuring facilities provide a secure environment to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, espionage, or other threats.

Trusted Systems’ SoloSCIF is the SCIF-in-a-Box® reimagined to revolutionize the way a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) or Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) is ICD-705 compliant while adding the advantages of portability, cost of implementation, and speed for deployment.

[SoloSCIF Whitepaper (PDF)]

SoloSCIF SCIF-in-a-Box SSingle-Seat SCIF/SAPF Solutions
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DynamicThreats Require Nimble Solutions On The Double

National security threats evolve rapidly, driven by the velocity and sophistication of tech advancements and global tensions. In response, there’s a critical need for secure, swift access to sensitive information without the delays and costs associated with building traditional SCIFs.

Recognizing the need for speed and flexibility, leaders in defense and intelligence communities demand new solutions. They require:

  • Quick-to-deploy, secure workstations for TS/SCI information
  • Alternatives to slow and costly traditional SCIF installations
  • Scalable solutions for the growing number of remote operations
  • And enhanced security to counteract insider threats.

Trusted Systems responds with the SoloSCIF: a modular, single-user, TS/SCI communications facility. Building on our reputation for high-end IPS security containers, we now offer a self-contained unit that combines TEMPEST and acoustic protection in a design that complies with the ICD-705 requirements of a traditional SCIF, delivering triple-layered defense in depth much faster and at a lower cost than the more conventional solutions.

SoloSCIF: The 3-in-1 Solution for Defense in Depth

The SoloSCIF represents a forward-thinking approach to SCIFs, embodying an innovative design that adheres rigorously to ICD-705 standards, yet in a more compact and efficient form-factor tailored for individual use. The SoloSCIF’s three primary layers of defense include:

  • Core Security Compartment: 
    At its core lies the original SCIF-in-a-Box, Trusted Systems’ IPS, the GSA-approved Class 5 security container…

    At its core lies the original SCIF-in-a-Box, Trusted Systems’ IPS, the GSA-approved Class 5 security container, safeguarding critical communication and network devices. The IPS is fortified with an X10 lock system and houses high-value equipment such as computers, routers, and encryption modules, ensuring they remain impenetrable to unauthorized access.

  • Secured Operator Interface:
    The intermediate compartment is the operator’s enclave, a space explicitly designed for a single analyst or operator, providing a secure, distraction-free environment for handling TS/SCI material. Access to the compartment’s controls and systems, including KVM peripherals and authentication devices, is tightly regulated, activated only upon successful biometric verification, guaranteeing a secure and private workflow.
  • Perimeter Defense – TEMPEST and Acoustics
    The outermost layer is a robust composite shell offering both TEMPEST protection and advanced acoustic masking, an essential requirement for any operation dealing with TS/SCI level communication. This compartment is fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance, controlled environmental conditioning, and secure power and data connections, operable only when the door is closed and the operator is authenticated, thus providing a comprehensive barrier against electronic and acoustic surveillance.

SoloSCIF: A Revolutionary TS/SCI Workstation

For an indepth description of the SoloSCIF -- a new generation of classified workstations --
please download the Whitepaper,
"Revolutionary TS/SCI SoloSCIF Workstation".
To contact one of our representitives, please use the contact form, or call toll free 800-414-4203.

Who is right for a SoloSCIF?

A SoloSCIF offers unparalleled flexibility and security for a wide array of scenarios. The following are a few examples for which a SoloSCIF is the ideal solution:

  • Remote Military Operations:  For military personnel stationed in isolated locations, the SoloSCIF provides a secure space to handle sensitive information without the delay and expense of constructing a traditional SCIF.
  • Diplomatic Missions Abroad:  Embassies and consulates can implement SoloSCIF for secure processing of classified material without requiring extensive renovations or construction in sensitive political environments.
  • Mobile Command Centers:  For highly dynamic mission scenarios where a rapid deployment model is the only solution for a TS/SCI-level communication center, SoloSCIF, can be integrated into mobile units, facilitating secure intelligence handling during field operations.
  • SCIF in a SCIF:  Intelligence organizations that require additional segmenting of personnel within a SCIF, based on clearance levels or need-to-know, SoloSCIF’s knockdown design is conveniently scaled to fit within existing facilities. 
  • Aerospace and Defense Contractors:  Contractors working on confidential projects can install SoloSCIFs on-premises to meet compliance standards quickly and securely without long-term infrastructure commitments.
  • Temporary Task Forces:  When agencies form temporary task forces, the SoloSCIF allows for a quick setup and teardown of secure facilities, ensuring that sensitive information remains compartmentalized and protected.
  • Conference Rooms & GOQs:  To ensure the availability and application of secure communications for senior staff, convenience becomes a vital element when considering a solution.  SoloSCIF eliminates the need for personnel to reach a centralized SCIF when a distributed SCIF is easily accessible. General Officer Quarters and conference rooms are ideal examples of practical locations for a SoloSCIF.  Plus, similar to Trusted Systems’ line of cloaked workstations, Incognito, the SoloSCIF can also be disguised within cabinetry that mimics the surrounding furniture.

Each SoloSCIF is a testament to Trusted Systems’ commitment to Security Made Simple — wherever the need takes us, the SoloSCIF stands ready to serve as a vital component in securing the communications necessary for mission continuity and success.

Compairing Alternatives:
Good is Great, But Better is Best

SoloSCIF SCIF in a Box compared to traditional SCIFs and Container SCIFs
Feature SoloSCIF Container SCIF Traditional SCIF
ICD 705 Compliance Compliant Compliant Compliant
Deployment Speed Rapidly deployable; set up on-site quickly Minimum 6 weeks to ship Years to build
Cost Most cost-effective; about half the cost of a container SCIF Moderate investment Substantial investment
Size & Space Modular and small footprint; space-efficient Fixed sizes (20 or 40 feet) Large; accommodates many personnel
Mobility Highly portable and nimble Portable but size-restricted Permanent structure
Flexibility Can be set up inside a traditional SCIF or as a standalone SAPF Can be free-standing or placed within existing structures Fixed location; Permanent
Security from Insider Threats Enhanced control; ideal for segregating access levels Reduced risk; smaller, more controllable environment Higher risk due to larger personnel capacity
Construction Impact Very low; minimal to no site impact, no construction needed Minimal; may require pad/foundation and utility connections High; requires extensive on-site construction
Operational Versatility Excellent; ideal for varied and unpredictable missions Good; versatile within size constraints Limited by fixed location

Find out if a SoloSCIF is right for you.

The advantages of the SoloSCIF are clear, especially when it comes to rapid deployment, cost to implement, and enhanced security against the dynamic threats of this era. Trusted Systems' original SCIF-in-a-Box has been reimagined for the demands of a constantly evolving threat model to provide a convenient and flexibile solution for defense in depth. If SoloSCIF sounds right for the needs of your mission, contact one of our experts using the contact form, or call toll free 800-414-4203.


Resource Name Resource Link Description
Revolutionary TS/SCI SoloSCIF Workstation Whitepaper download (PDF) Detailed description of the SoloSCIF for securing TS/SCI communication portals for compliance to ICD705 requirements.
Intelligence Community Directive 705 ICD-705 (PDF) Intelligence Community Directive Number 705: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (effective May 26, 2010)