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Trusted Systems Product Brochure

IPS TSM131V30: 13”H x 15”W x 30”D

IPS TSM131WD : 13”H x 21.5”W x 36”D
IPS TSM191D : 19.5”H x 23”W x 39”D
IPS TSM281WD : 28.5”H x 27”W x 45”D
IPS TSM521WX : 51.25”H x 27”W x 52”D

IPS TSM621FWX : 62.5”H x 27”W x 52”D

Privoro Stealth Phones (Signature Management)

Whitepapers & Policies

Resource Name Resource Link Description
Revolutionary TS/SCI SoloSCIF Workstation Whitepaper download (PDF) Detailed description of the SoloSCIF for securing TS/SCI communication portals for compliance to ICD705 requirements.
Intelligence Community Directive 705 ICD-705 (PDF) Intelligence Community Directive Number 705: Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (effective May 26, 2010)

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At Trusted Systems, we understand that unique security-risk variables and environments exist for each location and application, and sometimes the answers to your questions are not readily appearent. If you require more inforamtion than what you can find, please reach out to one of our expert representatives who can help. Please submit a Contact form, or call toll free 800-414-4203.